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He seems like another lost soul looking for help at the street clinic where Dr. Marti Powell works. But the man called Stride is something less than lost and something more than human. His touch opens Marti to a world she didn't know existed and turns her life inside out. As Marti struggles to master her new abilities, she is plunged into a battle between forces that will either bring heaven and earth together or tear them apart. This story of aching love between human and angel pulses with the beauty and mystery of what it means to be mortal -- and the ways in which our existence is shot through with the infinite. Beyond fantasy, it offers a convincing vision of a deeper reality and the gifts it holds in store for us.

"You will want to travel with Buchbinder on this contemporary quest.  A meditation, in the guise of a thriller, on the reality and nature of goodness, the extremity of the  threats to it, and the dangerous and courageous efforts required for the good to persist.  A vision of the sometimes powerful, sometimes fragile connection between this world and the benevolent if so often elusive realm beyond.  Hold tight when you take off on this motorcycle ride because the ground will not be under your wheels for long, and here comes the wind, and the night sky and the unknown."  


Writing for your Life

"Mortal Coil--unprecedented, visionary, compelling, affecting--transports the reader deep beneath the surface, where the forces that normally nudge our world along, unnoticed, emerge as vividly memorable characters with an agenda. The result is a story that charges through peril and passion with an edge-of-your-seat intensity. It's a parable, a thriller, a spiritual odyssey, a love story, and a novel for our time."


New Self, New World

"A rip-roaring story that closes the gap between imagination and reality, this novel of exploration into the uknown realms introduces a new and breathtaking anatomy. You will cross the line into a deeper way of looking at the world without noticing, swept up in an extraordinary adventure."


Sounding the Blood


"Original, powerful, compelling, sometimes scary. This book contains many worlds, and takes the reader to all of them. Amazing and alive!"


Visible Amazement


"Vivid, thought-provoking, and startlingly beautiful in its contemplation. A battle cry to be fully alive." 


Under the Unbroken Sky


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